Hi, I’m Nitin

WordPress Developer, Graphics Designer & Motion Graphics Artist

My Experience & professional skills as Developer

As Web/WordPress Expert Developer with over several years of experience. I am expert in customization of – ELEMENTOR/DIVI based themes – WordPress Themes – WordPress Error Fixing – WordPress E-Commerce Development – WooCommerce Expert (Add Bulk Products) – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, Core PHP, MYSQL.

My Experience & professional skills as Designer

I am also good as Graphics & Motion Graphics Designer and I am using Adobe Products to make my client happy. As a Graphics & Graphics Motion Designer I am able to design – Logo Design – Photoshop Web Templates – Business Card Design – Social Media Post Design/Short Video Design – Flyer/Menu Design – Logo Animation (Logo Revealing Video, Motion Signature) – Video Greetings (like intro, greetings & more) using Adobe After Effects

Top Rated Freelancer
Motion Graphics Artist
MS Made
Graphics Designer
MS Made
Web Developer
MS Made
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects

Why reason hire me?

I increased your activity by 24% by implementing targeted social media advertising. I will bring that innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to your company, and your success will be my top priority.

Creative Idea

I communicate what I struggle to make all crystal clear. I can communicate my ideas well, proven by my videos.


I can work within a team, collaborate well with developers because I’m frontend-end myself, and I love feedbacks.

Management Freak

I manage the whole process from acquiring clients, project timeline, until product delivery, I amalways on time

Client’s Favourite

I’ve been freelancing for 1 year, working directly with overseas clients, and experience is the best teacher.

Interested working with me?

What Clients says about me?

Nitin did an amazing job for us. Our websites got hacked with malicious code and a DDos attack. NItn worked diligently to restore corrupted wordpress files from the DDos attack on 32 websites. He kept us informed and got us up and running with limited down time. He is very detail orientated, communicates well and got the project done super quick. He is truly amazing with his wealth of knowledge and we will hire him often."
Nitin, Did a great job. He is hacking expert. He was able to fix our websites after we got hacked and moved our many websites to new web hosting company in record time. He is awesome and we will hire him again no questions asked."
"I cannot say enough nice things about Nitin! He goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to communicate with me and I've never had to hunt him down to complete a project. If anything, he has had to come find me on things! This is the third project I've worked with him on and he continues to amaze me with his skillset. For this project I had him help me with WordPress development. We're almost on opposite ends of the world from each other, but I loved that we were a seamless team. I would give him notes and lists of what I needed done and he would complete them promptly. He would also guide me on best practices in his experience with WordPress on themes/plugins not to use. At one point my host company automatically updated the WordPress core and Nitin went out of his way to reinstall and disable auto-updates. Once I get my marketing agency running efficiently, I would LOVE to hire him. He is going to be my go-to developer from now on!"